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Don't want to wait for a meeting in your area? Or would like to extend to more disenfranchised parents the support they need? Consider hosting a meeting.



You don’t have to have the answers, just the generosity of spirit and the willingness to guard a safe space for an hour. We will support you every step of the way and help you become comfortable with the process and the host's role. And you don't have to commit forever: even if it is just one meeting, or just until you can hand it over to another parent, your contribution will touch lives. 

Join a Parent Speak Meeting


Do you struggle to recognize yourself in self-help books or common parenting stories?

Have you withdrawn from your support networks because they cannot relate to what you are going through?

Do you feel mocked by others’ responses or advice?

Then Parent Speak meetings are for you. 


Completely anonymous, these meetings are by and for parents like you because you deserve to be supported, nurtured and uplifted.

Our intention is to make a meeting, either virtual or face-to-face, available to every parent who wishes to attend.  Please let us know if that is you.

Parent Speak meetings are completely anonymous and conducted by and for parents like you because you deserve to be supported, nurtured and uplifted. To help you know what to expect as well as to make it easier for more hosts to generously put their hands up, the format is consistent. It has been designed specifically for those battling parental alienation. 


Check for upcoming meetings on Facebook, and if you don't yet see one that suits, please let us know. Remember to specify your location, and we will keep you posted.

Dedicated to forging a society free of parental alienation, where good parenting is protected in its diverse genesis, forms, and colors. Please join us.
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