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We have commenced gathering all the knowledge available on parental alienation and building on it through research, commentary, and stories from the trenches. Simply Parent publishes Parent Survival Guide for parents who find their lives omitted from any other publication; for whom parenting doesn’t ebb and flow in harmonious slow motion between Insta-moments but instead, is lonely, tumultuous or even excruciating. For parents who feel mocked by self-righteous editorial on parenting challenges that pale in comparison to their experience.


Parent Survival Guide is our ongoing commitment to parents who have nowhere else to turn. It aims to accelerate public awareness of parental alienation as a subversive form of abuse and to help shift the dialogue and practices around it.


We are moving to a new format for delivering Parent Survival Guide to you and will keep you posted. In the meantime, you can access all of the content of the four issues that came out in 2017 by department, below. 



The cred

stay ahead of the curve with the latest in science, law and professional debate


Parallel parenting

raising good children in the debilitating shadow of parental alienation



securing shrewd representation and navigating the often obsolete legal system


Dollars & Sense

reinventing your income, keeping up and managing personal credit



positioning yourself in your child’s world, facing bias and finding support


Self-care for all

facing grief, rage or self-doubt, and enabling yourself to care for your children



insight for those sharing the burden while marking a fresh start


Good reads

reviews of books, articles and papers that educate and inspire


Good eats

healthy, easy and galvanizing meal solutions for headspace-starved parents



ways to take a moment, shows worth your binge, places to reset as a family

In this work, we depend on each other. We hope you will choose to become a regular donor and help us publish PSG and support targeted parents around the world. 

Dedicated to forging a society free of parental alienation, where good parenting is protected in its diverse genesis, forms, and colors. Please join us.
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