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Toronto, ON - Canada

Ludmer Law

LudmerLaw provides strategic consulting services across North America on parental alienation cases. We help solve intractable situations through our vast experience and demonstrated track record of reconnecting children and parents. Mr. Ludmer is a co-founder of Lawyers for Equal Shared Parenting, the Legal Editor of the Parental Alienation Study Group publication, and an Advisory Board member of Simply Parent (and other organizations). 

Brian Ludmer, LLB


Olnek Divorce Coaching

Margaret Olnek, JD is a former family law attorney.  She works with women who are struggling with a difficult spouse to help them gain the knowledge and skills they need to make educated and informed decisions about parenting and divorce issues.  Margaret is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Vermont Law School, the Co-Chair of Bridge to Justice in Boulder, Colorado, and an Advisory Board member of Simply Parent.

Margaret Olnek, JD

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Barkus Law

BarkusLaw specializes in divorce, custody, and maintenance issues. The team's focus is on effective, experienced and strategic family law representation, with the goal of reaching the best possible outcome without the need for excessive attorneys’ fees. 


Lori Barkus has nearly 20 years experience as an attorney, mediator and guardian ad litem.

Lori Barkus

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Westminster, CO - USA

Martin Law Firm

The primary focus of Martin Law Firm is the advancement of Father’s Rights through the representation of Colorado fathers in parental alienation, divorce, paternity, child custody, visitation, and family law cases. Brett W. Martin, Esq., believes in the importance of fathers in their children’s lives and actively promotes the interests and concerns of fathers in Colorado domestic and family law litigation. 

Brett W. Martin, Esq.

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As a Simply Parent Ally, you:

  • Help bring parental alienation into the light of day so it can be recognized and rejected by society.

  • Stand with and support your friends, family, and co-workers who have been impacted.

  • Get off the sidelines and your influence for good, helping all children grow up loved.

Above all, you proclaim your support for thwarting this public health epidemic. Take a stand with us!

Michelle Darne, CEO

Ores Law square logo.jpg

Loveland, CO - USA

Nicholas H. Ores

For over 30 years, Nicholas Ores and his team have been providing personalized legal services in Colorado estate planning (incl. wills, trusts, and estate administration); personal wealth transfer or financial struggles (incl. bankruptcy); business or real estate (incl. contracts & entity issues); family matters (incl. dissolution of marriage); and personal injuries, criminal charges, or civil litigation.

Nick H. Ores

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